Stripper Doll With Pole … Too Far?


If you have children, this has to be one of the scariest things you’ve seen on a toy store shelf…EVER!

The stripper doll concept  is definitely not for the young and the restless.  It’s a novelty item that should’ve never made it out of a Frederick’s of Hollywood.

It’s not certain where the item is on sale or where it came from, but some stripper “kit” that was on sale by Tesco in 2006 was snatched off the shelves for merely having a pole inside.

There was another stripper doll in the UK that got the axe back in 2006 as well, with much lighter features than this one.  She had blond hair and is a bit smaller than the one that is shown here.

It appears there is an all out attack on children.  Too bad those that are in the industries that market this stuff to minors aren’t made to do a “Scared Straight” program at the local prison.

A provocative essay was written in the Daily Voice about the doll.  Take the time to read it, he makes very valid points. Read the essay here.

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