Coolio Performs for Chicken?


Coolio obviously has run up on some hard times lately, but dayum!  He’s lost his television show with his children and had some rumors of crack addiction.  The crack thing might be making sense when the brother put a bucket of chicken in his contract for a performance. 

The full payment includes $3,000, a bucket of chicken and a bottle of Silver Patron.  Shouldn’t those be things that they service his room with?  That just sounds tacky.  Well, to make things worse, he’s playing in a location that he’s not sure exists.  The venue is in Longmont, Colorado and the concert will be held on Sept. 6, at “The Deli Zone.”  Wow (as Flava Flav would say).

The hope is that Coolio will bring a draw of music and celebrities to their small unheard of town.  But, if you’re looking to draw talent to your town, you might want to at least give DMX a call.  He may be a bit unorthodox and rude and smoke too much and spend a lot of time in jail…oh the hell with him too.  Check out the full details here.  You may be able to catch MC Hammer at their next big concert  in the local Subway.

One thought on “Coolio Performs for Chicken?”

  1. what is wrong with you. You really have nothing better to talk about??? He was doing a favor and thought he would throw in some chicken and patron big deal. Music is music what does it matter. All the celebrities that charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform are not doing it for the true meaining for music and entertainment. Think back to all those amazing musicians and artists who performed for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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