The Frankie & Neffe Show Is Still On the Air? (Video)

Neffe and Soullow during a photo shoot with Sister2Sister.
Neffe and Soullow during a photo shoot with Sister2Sister.

It’s amazing what the general public will consume.  Hopefully, this show is akin to being at a smorgasbord.  People are picking it, but they recognize that it’s bad and move on to the next thing.

This show is giving  the world a whole new level of crazy to aspire to.  But let me get to it…HOW MANY CHILDREN DOES NEFFE HAVE?  GOOD GRIEF!  Is she competing with Kate Plus 8 for her job since her and her husband broke up was kicked off?  Continue reading

Dr. Says H1N1 Flu Shot Too Risky (Video)


The Flu has had its share of victims over the years, but they are coming back with relentless immunity.  Drug companies rushed to strengthen the flu shot last year and here comes H1N1.

Since they made a vaccination for the flu, they HAD to come up with something for the new germ.

But the vaccination has met with lukewarm reception. Continue reading

Bow Wow Speaks Out On the Death of Chicago Teenager

Bow Wow speaks out about the tragic death of Derrion Albert.
Bow Wow speaks out about the tragic death of Derrion Albert.

It appears that celebrities are beginning to step up and say something about the young honor roll student, Mr. Derrion Albert, who lost his life in a street brawl not too far from his school.

Nas as well as Bow Wow have addressed the general public so far and they are adamant about the need to stop the violence in our neighborhoods.  Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on Whoopi Goldberg, Queen Pen, LisaRaye and more…

What’s up y’all here is the dirt…


If you wanna steal a grip and not get caught go work for the mega rich.  Word on the street is that Kristy Watts, former aide to Danielle Steel pleaded guilty to wire fraud and tax evasion after stealing over $400K from the famed writer.  Kristy worked for the writer for more than 15 years therefore it is safe to say that she just got caught with $400K.  Nuff said…


Okay y’all I just have to put this Tom FOOLERY out there.  Why are folks running around saying that LisaRaye and the Reverend Al Sharpton are plucking around??!! Chyyyyyyyyyle PU-LEASE!  I refuse to believe that they are anything more than friends.  Let’s be real, we all know that LisaRaye is a gold digger…eh hem…an “opportunist” so please know that if she is plucking the Rev. she is trying to come up and he is her last resort. Continue reading

Watching A Friend’s Children Has Just Become A Crime?

Michigan mother, Lisa Snyder, accused of running illegal daycare.
Michigan mother, Lisa Snyder, accused of running illegal daycare.

A Michigan woman, Lisa Snyder,  is being harassed by the state government for running what they are calling an “illegal” daycare.

No money exchanges hands and she is not soliciting children to her home, yet she’s running an illegal daycare according to Michigan.

This woman simply thought she would help another mother get off to work on time by allowing her to leave her children with her till their bus came for school.  How many, by a show of hands would be jobless if people like her did not exist?  That many, huh? Continue reading

Nia Long Offers Parenting Advice and Secrets (Video)

Nia Long with Ali Landry on 'Spotlight to Nightlight'
Nia Long with Ali Landry on 'Spotlight to Nightlight'

Nia Long was recently interviewed by actress Ali Landry (from Eve) for “Spotlight to Nightlight” about her son and how she feels about being a single parent.

Her baby daddy is still very instrumental in the upbringing of their son, but he Continue reading

Chicago Teen Murdered Assailants Caught and Charged (Video)


The Chicago teens involved in what appears to have been a mini-riot all came together for one mission…death!  They were there to harm one another and possibly kill a brother.

Even if that wasn’t their intention, it was still the result.  EUR This N That as well as EURweb sends our sincere condolences to the mother of 16-year old honor roll student Derrion Albert who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and lost his life to possibly fellow classmates.

Derrion was supposed to sit shoulder to shoulder with his classmates and graduate at the top of his class.  But, nothing is further from the truth now.  Not only was his life abruptly ended by completely ludicrous behavior, but as these other young men sit in jail charged as adults with first degree murder and their souls rot behind bars, Continue reading