World’s Oldest Dog Finally Calls It Quits at 147


One of New York’s finest has moved on.  Yes, unfortunately, Chanel has dug his last hole, peed on his last tree and hidden his last stick of butter in the couch.

The Guinness book of World Records didn’t have a section on longest living pooches, so hewas nominated by his owner and a certificate was awarded to the 21-year old Daschund in May.

Not only did Chanel receive a certificate from the folks at Guinness Book of World Records, but a lavish doggy party put on by a private pet food company.

Now that’s the way to go out if you’re going to go.  He had some friends over and from the detail of the party, he probably had some doggy drinks and partied till 2am.

Now there’s already a new dog out there contending for the newest title for oldest dog with an alleged 26 years on the planet.

Guinness Records are looking into the age of the dog now.

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