Fantasia and Kandi Show Off Stripper Moves

Kandi & Fantasia
Kandi & Fantasia

Fantasia! Fantasia! Fantasia!  You can’t go around strippin’ all willie nillie!  We just saw you in the Color Purple as Celie, now you’re letting your thong show?  It just taints the whole experience.  But, I still love you girl.

Now Kandi on the other hand … well, that’s neither here nor there.  No one knows her that well beyond Xscape and the newest Atlanta Housewives season.

But Fantasia, folks are going to be talkin’! She said that people have already been talking about her, so this is nothing to her.  Well, get ready to marvel at Ms. Fantasia as she drops it like it’s hot for all of her fans.  Hey!

Who knows … this performance may garner her a whole new additional fan base.  Check out what Dime Wars found:

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