Dishin’ Dirt on Rihanna, Alicia Keys, DJ UNK and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


My condolences go out to the family DJ AM.  Adam Michael Goldstein was found dead in his NYC apartment on Friday evening by the police and paramedics.  The cause of his death is still unknown but it has been speculated that it was an accidental drug overdose.  However, that has NOT been confirmed.  Rest in peace DJ AM.


In “couture” news, Rihanna graces the cover of the September issue of Italian Vogue.  I know that we are ALL tired of seeing Rihanna’s name errrywhere but we can’t help but admit that home girl is ROCKING the HELL out of that Valentino joint!  Go’on RiRi and do yo’ thug thizzle!  Nuff said…


Is it me or has the Alicia Keys/ Swizz Beats publicity stunt run it’s course?  Personally, I am sick of seeing this “sham” of a relationship.  Not too long ago Alicia was arrested for domestic violence against her “girlfriend” and shortly after that incident, her PR team decided to turn her into a “girly” girl.  The next thing we know, she is the home wrecker who broke up Swizz Beat’s marriage.  An-T-Way, when her PR team decides that it is time for them to break up, I will keep y’all posted.  By the way, they were in St. Tropez last week.  Check out the photos.


Side Bar-Hmmmm…I wonder how much they are paying Swizz to keep up the façade.  I’m just saying…

NAS and Maxwell
NAS and Maxwell
LL Cool J
LL Cool J
LL Cool J
LL Cool J

Okay people, can we PU-LEAZE STOP IT with the GAY RUMORS??!  Two weeks ago I happened to run across a story someone sent me saying that the reason NAS and Kelis broke up was because NAS was gay and cheating on her with Maxwell.  That is the FARTHEST from the truth.  I will be the first to tell you that the rumor is just that…a RUMOR and a pretty bad one at that.  This week someone sent me a story saying that LL Cool J and his eldest son were both gay and I will be the first to tell you that it is just a rumor.  When folks start attacking kids, it really pisses me off.  Although it has been rumored for years that LL’s FYNE azz is BI, no one has ever validated that.  Therefore, it is a RUMOR.  And T-RUST, if he was gay, I would know.  In layman’s terms, folks be lyin’ all up n’ thru.  Nuff said…


ATL’s DJ UNK, best known for his hit “Walk It Out” was rushed to the hospital early yesterday for what is speculated to have been a mild heart attack.  According to my sources folks are claiming that he had been getting his “high” on lately but that is pure speculation.  Personally, I think that this got “high” all over it…but I ain’t a doctor, so let’s just wait and see if the doctors confirm what I already know.  Keep UNK in your prayers.  Nuff said…

Keith Sweat and Lisa Wu Hartwell
Keith Sweat and Lisa Wu Hartwell

In other ATL news, RHOA Lisa Wu Hartwell is taking her ex back to court seeking custody of her sons.  In 1991 Lisa married Keith Sweat and they have two sons together.  During a bitter divorce, Keith was awarded custody of their children and now Lisa wants them back.  According to an interview with Star, Lisa claims that RHOA is supposed to be a reality and the reality is that she has THREE sons and not just the one (EJ) that has been shown on the show.

Lisa and her kids
Lisa and her kids

Side Bar-Good luck with that Lisa.  Just make sure when you go to court you tell the judge that you want your kids back for something other than the RHOA.  You can say something like, “I done gave up that narcotic,” or “I paid my debt to society for identity fraud.”  Either of the two is FAR better than “Can you make him sign a waiver so that my kids can be on TV?”  Nuff said…


Last but not least the Soul Train Awards are coming to the ATL and your girl Sony will DEFINITELY be in the house.  I will keep y’all posted on the details.

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



15 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Rihanna, Alicia Keys, DJ UNK and more…”

  1. Lord, I must be living under a rock because this is the first rumor I’ve ever heard about Alicia Keys being gay. I had to look twice at the cover photo of Rihanna because I swear I thought it was Grace Jones. Lisa Hartwell is a beautiful woman on the outside, but there seems to be a whole lot of rotten on her inside. The Soul Train awards ran its gambit in the 1980’s (and I’m being kind). Subsequently, they have become totally irrelevant to me. However, I hope the awards bring people into town who are going to infuse big bucks into the ATL because ATL can really use it.

  2. R U a hatter on Alicia Keys, because U r so quick to defend LL. Please don’t hate and tell your fans to say no to drugs, unlike that DJ. keep up the good work,and I am out!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joe Black,
    I LOVE me some Alicia Keys and would never hate on her. However, I have to call it like I see it. I have seen the photos of Alicia being arrested for a domestic disturbance. Her publicist later issued a statement saying that she was holding her blackberry behind her back and didn’t want to be photographed with a phone because it was “tacky”. The next “story” Alicia’s camp came out with (her assistant to be exact) was that the “cop” she was walking with was actually her security guard and that she was in Europe. Photos later came out of Alicia and her “girlfriend” but her camp said that the chick she was cheek to cheek with was actually her best friend. The SAME best friend who had a youtube video telling of their affair. That video has since been taken down (google it). Lastly, right after that, the Crucial Keys camp turned Alicia into a “girly” girl. No more boots and jeans with braids and beads but instead it was dresses, skirts and big hair. Y’all can do the math but I believe that she…along with a LONG list of black celebs have chosen to keep their sexual preferences under wraps in fear of losing a chunk of their fan base. Personally, I don’t care whether or not she is gay or straight. All I care about is her great music…BUT…it is my job to Dish the Dirt on errrybody and I choose to call it like I see it. You may not agree with me…but…I don’t care…LOL. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a comment.

  4. well I believe tht aAlecia is a dike and she look Butchy to me anyway. She ain’t all that and that is a PR stunt with her and Swiss Beatz. She want a woma and not a man with her buck teeth self.

  5. 1. I enjoy your work, but think u r hard on arrtative black females.
    2. MeMe I bet you wish you looked half as good as Alicia. I can tell that u r not a looker just from you grammer. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. LMAO! Dang Joe! Thanks for the compliment but I have to disagree with you. I’m not just hard on the attractive females…I’m hard on all females. We need to step up our game and when we are slacking…I call folks out. Like I said previously, I LOVE me some Alicia Keys. She is my Soror (honorary anyway) but I hate that she is not being who she is. It is obvious that she believes that it is more acceptable to be a tramp/ home wrecker than a lesbian. Is that the lesser of the two evils? I’m just sayin’…

    P.S. Leave MeMe alone…LOL! That was just MEAN…but I am over here ROLLING!

  7. As far as Alicia Keys and Swizz, it seems to have gone a bit too long for a PR stunt imo. Just because she is now dating Swizz, it doesn’t mean she’s NOT gay or bi, because I myself have always believed she was gay since before the allegations of her sexuality were brought to light. Why? Well becauase I have gaydar (The ability of being able to detect homosexuality in other people)of course. Not that I care because she is very pretty, extremely talented, and intelligent. She has given back to her community, and has been active in the effort to provide medicine to families with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

  8. the day that some ppl dont give a damn about others sexual preference will truly be the day that hell freezes over. i u and be happy.

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