Ronald McDonald Is Down Fo’ Da Brothaz? Maybe Too Down.

Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald

When we first saw flash on the screen during those neo-soul styled McDonalds commercials we thought it look kind of strange.

Really, why would McDonalds do such a thing? Then it occurred to us that they’re quite aware of all the non-disposable income that black folks dispose of on garbage … like McDonalds 4 times a week, for example.

But the marketing plan appears to be backfiring as bloggers and social network users are complaining the site perpetuates racial stereotypes about African Americans.

The site’s detractors claim the website does not show the true diversity contained within the Black community and claim the fast food giant is positioning itself as an expert on black people, and they obviously are not.

A McDonald’s spokesperson, Julie Pottebaum, tells DiversityInc she does not have a statement addressing this specific issue, but that McDonald’s is working on a statement to address the concerns.

Chief Marketing Officer Neil Golden, in a statement to Time, said the company was “proud to celebrate the diversity of our customers who reflect the diversity of our society.” He praised the site, calling it a place where customers can “meet real people who’s [sic] lives have been touched by McDonald’s.”

A viral campaign against the site began to spread late last week, when Muhammad Saleem, the director of social media strategy for the Chicago Tribune’s Chicago Now, posted a link to the web site on By Sunday, 365Black was the second most-popular site on and quickly became a trend on Twitter, according to

One thought on “Ronald McDonald Is Down Fo’ Da Brothaz? Maybe Too Down.”

  1. Good post. But, 365Black is ridiculous. I think this is one of those things that we’re all going to look back on and say “I can’t believe they thought like that!”
    “Like the African Baobab Tree, which nourishes the community with it’s leaves and fruit, McDonald’s has branched out to the African-American community nourishing it with valuable programs and opportunities.”

    Can someone please tell me what a Baobab tree has to do with culture and life in the United States?

    And how many people of African decent have ever eaten Baobab fruit or even know what the hell a Baobab Tree is? I feel bad for the actual Africans being nourished be this tree if it’s fruit is compared to McDonald’s food. Does the Baobab Tree clog arteries and rob the body of essential vitamins and nutrients too?

    Not to mention, the girl in the in their video ad is easily less than 50% recent African decent anyway. The whole concept is retarded. wrote something up about it as well.

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