The Fake Drama Over Mrs. Obama Wearing Shorts

Michelle Obama on vacation wearing shorts
Michelle Obama on vacation wearing shorts

People just seem to wanna bitch and moan about any ol’ thing. We mean, really, was it a slow news day? Not to say that EURweb and affiliates have never pounced on a hot story that, in essence, was little more than smoke and mirrors.

But really, the First Lady’s choice in shorts and curves is a top news story? Really? No, we don’t think so. But we got to thinking about who would fan the flames of such a normally low profile story.

The other day we recall a commentator on one of the major news networks ask the question “Are those the hips of a first lady?” He then shook his head and brandished a Cheshire Cat grin and proceeded on with the story. From the look on his face he was obviously tickled and, dare we say, titillated by Michelle Obama’s choice in wardrobe.

A First Lady that breaks the mold and is actually (gasp) sexy? Why is that a problem? Yes, the late Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis was a pretty woman and for a long time has been considered the most visually appealing First Lady of all time, but Michelle Obama is a sister with considerable curves.

Could it be that the conservative right wing is actually bothered by the rigidness in their own trousers in response to viewing the video footage? Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis changed the way women dressed and the way they wore their hair during the 60s, could it be that their concerned about Mrs. Obama changing America’s idea of what is sexy? We don’t know, we’re not America’s mind readers.

What can be said, with complete certainty, is that this is a non-story. The Right, and who ever feels otherwise, should just let the story go. You just do you, and she gon’ do her. Watch her do her! What! Watch her do her!

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3 thoughts on “The Fake Drama Over Mrs. Obama Wearing Shorts”

  1. I just read an article about several readings being upset concerning Michelle Obama wearing shorts on her vacation at the Grand Canyon. What’s the problem? I myself see nothing wrong with her wearing shorts at HER FAMILY VACATION. She is a human -being just like the rest of us only thing different is that she is the first lady. Do everyone expect her to wear a suit with heals to visit the canyon remember she’s in her forties who is in great shape and is able to show off her great legs and arms. I wouldn’t want to see some of the first ladies of the past wearing shorts or wearing a sleeveless dress. I think I would go into cardiac arrest. People complained about her going to a soup kitchen with sneaker. So stop complaining and find something else logical to complain about instead of what the first lady is wearing. Yes Nancy Regean loved her ball-room growns and expensive dress worth thousand and thousand of dollars while American people was in a slump and the maket itself was collapsing in the 80’s. Barbara Bush wore her expensive Polyester Suits while American went into a recesssion. Michelle is a down to earth individual who doesn’t place herself above others.

  2. What was she supposed to do, get off Air Force One in a ball gown? WTF!! Leave The First Lady alone! Haters!

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