‘What Would You Do For $20,000?’

Nick Rosen
Nick Rosen

So ya say the recession has got you down? You say you’re feeling kind of blue and don’t know what to do about all the mounting bills?

Well, you can earn yourself a quick 20 Grand by selling your kidney to an American businessman. Yes you too can be like 39 year-old Nick Rosen of Tel Aviv.

The man recently revealed that in 2005 he flew to New York for the surgical procedure and the cash was placed in a brown envelope left on his hospital bed after the operation. How nefarious is that? When asked about the legality of the situation, Rosen told Yahoo News: “I smoke pot. That’s also against the law.”

There was once a time, no more than 10 years ago, when there were all sorts of rumors and claims about this sort of thing going on and American officials, as usual, did the ostrich thing and put there heads firmly in the sand. However, Rosen’s admitting to his involvement in one of those deals proves it has been happening all along. Like Grandma use to say ‘If you see one roach, that means there’s a hunnit mo’ you don’t see.’ Boy, that simple country wisdom just keep coming back to smack us around in our adulthood, huh?

Rosen made a video about his transplant experience, and near the end of it, he is seen reclining on a bed piled with cash. A subtitle says:

“This is what $20,000 looks like.” It’s hard to tell the amount, but the $100 face of Ben Franklin is visible on the bills. Last year, 4,540 Americans died while on transplant lists, waiting for kidneys. The man who got Rosen’s kidney says he almost died, too.

“I was on death’s doorstep,” says Brad Gursky, a 51-year-old balding, beefy man whose left arm vein is thick and hardened from years of intravenous dialysis treatments. “

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