‘Aren’t You Done Yet, Brett?’

Brett Favre
Brett Favre

“Oh, but what am I to do?, My mind is in a whirlpool, give me a little hope, ONE SMALL THING TO CLING TOO …”

Yes, Brett Favre certainly has the Minnesota Vikings going in circles like nobody’s business. But, you know what? If they’re stupid enough and desperate enough to keep falling for Brett’s garbage, then that’s on them. They gets NO love from EUR This N That.

Why? Ask the Minnesota coaching staff who would gladly boil Brett’s jockstrap for some ball-sweat soup.

We’ll tell you why after we take a breath and calm down (gasp). Because all of Brett’s most recent actions lead us to come to one conclusion:  Brett Favre feels like he is above and beyond reproach and does not have to follow normal team guidelines. When Favre went on national television during his first retirement stint, crying and boo-hooing, everybody was like, “Aww, he just wants to keep playing.”

But now it’s apparent that he NEVER intended on retiring at all and felt forced into retirement by Green Bay initially. OK, we can deal with that. But then you’re gonna just lie to the Jets and “retire again?” Then you lie to the media most recently when you said you’re not playing in Minnesota.

As mentioned by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Monday’s segment of NFL Live, why would somebody go through all the trouble of surgically repairing an injured shoulder, rehabbing said shoulder back into game shape, then working out with high school football players only to say “Oh, I’m gonna stay retired?”

That was a bunch of bull from the very beginning. What he really wanted to do was avoid going to training camp, which he is actually on record as saying he does not like. And what about poor Vikings QBs Sage Rosenfeld and Tavaris Jackson? And is Minnesota forgetting his horrendous 22 touchdown and 22 interception stint with the New York Jets last year and, least we forget, how he seemed to just run out of gas right when the Jets needed him most?

To us his character is certainly in question. He’s a liar and a flip-flopper. That being said, if he announced a run for President in 10 years 75% of America would still vote for him. Ain’t that a mickey-fickey shame? Let us know what you think. HOLLA! (Ricardo Hazell)

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