Poor White America Fights The Left, Manipulated By The Right


We’ve all experienced this maddening phenomenon. You don’t recall what we’re talking about? Let us press the reset button on your memory banks.

This example occurred during the 80s when Ronald Reagan was budget cutting this country’s poor to death while the rich received tax breaks they didn’t even ask for from a president who believed success trickled down to the “peasants” rather than holding the view that those “unwashed masses” were, in fact, the foundation of this great nation.

Poor white folks across Appalachia were applauding his efforts as the coal plants closed and they all damn near starved. It seemed as though the worse the situation became, the more poor white Americans would by into the ideology of the right despite that ideology being antithetical and counter-productive to the situations of poor folks in general but especially to poor whites.

Yet they vote for those who deny them services time and time again, the Republicans. It is a dismaying scenario at best. The very same scenario is occurring now during the health debate.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say there’s likely more poor white people in the United States of America than there are African Americans, poor or otherwise, and yet poor white America’s total blind allegiance to the far right has always been killing them softly and they don’t even know it.

If poor whites and blacks would ever unite ON ANYTHING the country would be a far better place for all parties involved. In a recent article posted at theroot.com, writer Kai Wright describes it as the Jim Crow 2.0. It’s a nice read.

Check  out the complete essay HERE and let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Poor White America Fights The Left, Manipulated By The Right”

  1. This is so true. The genius of the American right is and always has been its ability to persuade the white poor to act against their own interests — usually by stirring up hatred for other races. It’s not as acceptable to blame blacks any more, so the new target is “illegal immigrants,” but it’s all the same tactics.

    This is why America has never had the kind of class warfare they had in Europe, and why left-leaning politics never really got anywhere in the USA. In Europe the “peasants” couldn’t be tricked into blaming other poor people for their problems.

  2. The reason that Europeans couldn’t be tricked into blaming other poor people is because they’re better educated. They’re a smart, passionate and informed people wheras poor, white Americans are more interested in watching Nascar and going to the gun range with a 6 of PBR Tall Boys…

  3. Are you sure the photo above is not of poor whites from South Africa? The reason I ask is it showed up in google with the photos of the South African genocide of the few poor whites who live there right now (getting fewer by the day I might add).

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