Should Jamie Foxx Be Heretofore Known As Jamie C-o-x-x-x? (Photo)

No wonder Jamie sports his patented sly grin all the time
No wonder Jamie sports his patented sly grin all the time

Jamie Foxx has always found adoration and respect from those that knew him in his old hometown of Terrell, Texas as he quarterbacked the local high school football team, his jheri curl locks flowing in the wind and getting slime all over everything.

Even more of the world fell in love with him on the now classic sketch comedy show “In Living Color.” Bro-ham stepped it up a notch more with his highly successful television vehicle “The Jamie Foxx Show.” He has won an Oscar for his role in “Ray,” as well as many other props for his recent hit album. But, boy-o-boy, lately it would seems the hateration is a-circulatin’!

A recent photo first brought to our attention by gossip site, Crunk and Disorderly, which in turn got it from, which shows some guy posing nude in the shower. Ok, a celebrity in the shower, big freaking deal. But we were taken aback by how stank-nastically scandalous the photo truly is. It shows ya boy posing in a dirty azz bathroom in front of a mirror taking a picture of himself with a digital camera, his member swinging in the wind like old sneakers on a ghetto telephone line.

He apparently got caught slipping, which seems to be the case with more and more of our celebrities these days, and sent the photo to someone he trusted, but should not have. The baby oil that sits upon the counter top would lead one to believe he actually oiled himself up for the photo.

In the words of the ex-Chicago Bears coach and current NFL Live commentator, Mike Ditka, “C’mon man!”

Not that anyone is above sending sexy photos to entice a potential lover who may be on the fence into action, but YOU’RE A STAR! Again, “C’MON MAN!” Meanwhile Foxx’s lawyers have come forward and said the picture was taken as part of an upcoming film he’s to star in and NOT as a titillating offering, says MTO. But skeptics will ask what film, other than triple-X rated ones, will feature a star with FULL FRONTAL NUDITY?

Also, keep in mind, we’re not in the business of publishing soft porn, someone is. And guess who? If you’re interested in SEEING for yourself, here’s the link, let us know what you think.

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