Dishin’ Dirt on Jamie Foxx, Kandi Burrus, NeNe Leakes and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Y’all I have decided to start the day off with a lil’ eye candy for the ladies…and some of the fellas…if they float that way.  Another blog site posted a butt azz naked picture of Jamie Foxx and Jamie was PISSED.  He was SO pissed that he ordered them to remove the photo.  The site had no choice but to remove the photo BUT me being as crafty as I am…has been able to retrieve the picture and I will be the first to say that Jamie is very…BLESSED.  Check out the photo here.

Side Bar-Is it “live” or “Memorex”?  Nuff said…


Speaking of sexy…okay, maybe I shouldn’t throw Jamie into the “sexy” category but you get the gist.  George Michael was arrested for DRUG-driving in England over the weekend.  According to my sources, the very FYNE, SEXY, gay (DANG) George Michael was HIGH as a kite when he ran into the back of a car doing at least 100mph.  George was arrested and questioned by the police before being released.  It’s my guess that they don’t have a local chapter for MADD over there.  Nuff said…


Side Bar-Was anyone else UPSET when they found out that George Michael was gay?  I was PISSED…like I had a real chance.  Yes y’all, I was a George Michael stalker…


Y’all know that I LOVE me some “Real ‘Fake’ Atlanta Housewives” and that NeNe is my FAVORITE housewife but I have to admit that NeNe sounds REAL guilty in this clip.  According to Kim, NeNe is cheating on her husband Greg with this YOUNG, UGLY, FAT, football player by the name of Charles Grant.  Take a listen.


Side Bar-I really hope that NeNe ain’t cheating on Greg with THAT.  Nuff said…


Speaking of marriage, shouts out to Alyssa Milano for her VERY recent nuptials.  According to her publicist, Alyssa married Hollywood agent Doug Bugliari over the weekend.  Congrats to the happy couple.  Nuff said…


Speaking of marriage, Kandi Burruss addresses her fiancé A.J.  Y’all listen to this BS.

Side Bar-Okay, why is it that this DUMMY did not know that her man had six kids until later on in the relationship??  Somebody please FedEx her a FEW copies of Steve Harvey’s book.  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



9 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Jamie Foxx, Kandi Burrus, NeNe Leakes and more…”

  1. This bitch crazy as hell and lyin like a dog!!! If she marry this man she a big fool, she need to listen to her mother honey he gonna lock you in for your money and those six kids gonna be your responsibility too!!! Friend of the court gonna come after you being his wife and he gonna stand to the side like a damn chump. WHat does this man do for a living???? we still have not said what he does, is he a dope dealer retired or what??? Kandi you are too good to settle, if you like kids this much go find a righteous man and start a real family,you owe this to your daughter and her future. It’s not worth the drama that awaits you and believe me drama does await you as long as you are with this man.

  2. You know what I noticed a looooooooooong time ago? Nene is insecure and childish. That video of her above is so typical. She will smack talk anyone and everyone and when they confront her about it and they try to speak their mind she tries to drown them out by repeating the same thing as loud and as long as possible or until the other person stops talking. I’m sick of people talking about how “real” she is when she never makes a valid point. She just continues to insult and try to out talk everyone so no one is able to talk about her. To keep Kim from spilling any possible dirt about Nene, Nene just kept talking while Kim was so you can’t understand what Kim is saying. How fucking pathetic is that? If she’s going to talk shit then the people she talks about how a right to rebuttal. Without interruption. It’s just tacky, ghetto, obnoxious, and immature for any so-called “grown ass woman” to conduct herself in this way. And it’s also so funny that with all the dirt coming out about Nene about her infidelity, and her being broke, and her having no father, and her husband being a fraud with multiple court cases against him, and them being evicted, and her real name not even being Nene, and Bravo having to rent a home for her for the show, and that Nissan Murano she was driving in the last episode (keeping up with the Jones my ass), and having her car repo’d, and so on and so on you would think Nene would STFU already. Nene talking shit about Kim having no job – hello Nene YOU DON’T WORK EITHER DUMBASS. And stop talking about her wig when you pushing that tacky ass weave. If your real hair isn’t long enough to pull off that weak ass hair style then you need not speak about anyone. Ask Lisa if she’ll cut her hair so Kim’s wig friend can make you some tracks. Oh and Athens, GA is a joke. It may not be the projects, but it’s country as hell. Median inocome 40k/yr. Weak. Kim’s been in the same house in both seasons and Kim actually has furniture in her house. It’s irrelevant that Kim may have a married man paying her bills. And Kim’s not a whore for dealing with Papa, that is Papa’s issue. He’s the only one that made a vow not to cheat.

  3. Tamara-Girl, you sound like a DAMN FOOL! In fact you sound like Kim…LOL! Kim is that you? Com’on and tell the truth…LOL!

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a comment.


  4. @SONY~Sony just because someone doesn’t like Nene’s behavior and calling her on HER BS doesn’t mean that they are Kim !? Hell, thousands of people feel the same way are you going to think they’re Kim too ? Nene is a “fake” and nuff said.

    @Tamara I agree with you this chick hasn’t ran into the right one. Trust me !!! She needs to get up in the right people’s face like she did Kim & Kandi. I can assure you the results won’t be the same. I’ve been reading various blogs, and SEVERAL women would like the opportunity for Nene to get out of line with them.

  5. Mango girrrrrrl, you know that was Kim…ROTFLMBAO!
    Seriously, thanks for reading and taking the time to post a comment!


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