Child Sex Predator Locked Away for Life

John Jackey Worman
John Jackey Worman

The latest case of child predators will haunt you for some time.  This animal, John Jackey Worman, that has been given a 150-year prison term had been making child pornography tapes for years.  His victims ranged in age from infants to 10-year olds and he was convicted of 56 counts of child pornography.  The police found in his possession over one million photos and 11,000 videos of child porn when they arrested him in 2007 in his home outside Philadelphia.

The sickest part of it all is that he was living with his girlfriend who had an in-home daycare which gave him access to infants and children.  Some of the tapes showed him sexually assaulting the infants and children.  The videos were so detestable that the jury had to have the tapes turned off at times.

The girlfriend received 30 years for her part in the crime.  It appears that she was involved in threesome sex with children and helped pose them and assist him in his diabolical crimes.  Read the full story here if you have the stomach for it.  He goes on to say how he has no remorse for “anointing” the children.  Some people should be buried alive.

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