Black Woman at Town Hall Meeting Unfairly Treated or Not? (Video)


The town hall meetings on “Obamacare”  have been eventful to say the least.  Outbursts and fury have been commonplace, but the news reports of unruly participants have been erroneous … well, at least in the case of a Ms. Maxine Johnson in Missouri.

She was all over the news, locally and nationally, being dragged out of a town hall meeting by police.  Well, there have been new developments in the story regarding Sen. Claire McCaskill’s town hall meeting held in Missouri recently. 

The new information suggests that Johnson did not deserve the treatment she received.  The man that she was involved in a dispute with was white and hauled off to the lobby, but not arrested.  See here:

A blogger on,  “smartasswhiteboy,” gives another perspective:

Not what happened guys. No signs were allowed at the meeting, and even the Senator asked her twice to put the signs away. After rolling up the poster, she then unfolded it again, and that’s when it was grabbed, and ripped, and that is why she was escorted out by the police. It wasn’t a racial situation, and the woman brought it on herself. The fact that it was a poster of rosa parks isn’t the issue. She was warned several times to put the sign away, even when she was told no signs were allowed by anyone, and that included the wingnuts. Let it go you guys.”Here is the footage we dug up that shows that the woman was told not to bring in signs and the part that is cut out of the other video:

But, there would be so less drama and much more progress if people were properly informed instead of jumping on racial bandwagons.   The most racist part about the incident was the man who grabbed it from her and ripped it up.  The police were following protocol for such an event, but arresting her may have been excessive.  But, it was reported that this is not the first time they’ve had run-ins with the woman.   You have all the visible information, what do you think?

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. J.C. I have to agree that there are far too many people eager to “find” racial bias where it does not exist. I am ever cautious myself because the more trivial, ridiculous claims of racial injustice that are given attention only to be found false, will detract from the very valid claims of racial discrimination and racism that occur. Trust me everyone with the desire to fight for justice, you will find legitimate cause to raise the banner of equality. Although I am not one to look for it, I am certain in this nation of hypocrisy, racism will rear its ugly, cloaked head. Wait for it and then act with the degree of pride and dignity that is required to demand your rights. Don’t step to the fray with ignorance and bigotry that minimizes the struggle. People please, recall the fighters who came before us who had so much inner strength and dignity that they have lived on long after they have passed because we remember them with PRIDE!

  2. J.C. – I want to show you how the writer, Under-Value, Under-Estimate and Marginalize Mrs. Maxine Johnson. I hear it’s called Cutural-Conditiooning.

    Why didn’t the White man simply call a Policeman over to take the poster?

    (Because Mrs. Johnson did not deserve respect, he felt his status in American society allows him to violate her. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE AND RIP HER POSTER.)

    I love this quote here:
    “this is not the first time they’ve had run-ins with the woman”

    (That means, she does not deserve to be offered a chance to be
    respected, so the White man did the right thing by taking her poster.

    “–the Senator asked her twice to put the signs away”

    (See this is how you treat someone you feel is inferior to you, say a child…I told you to behave, now look what you made the White man do! THIS IS JUSTIFICATION FOR MRS JOHNSON’S VIOLATION)

    “she then unfolded it again, and that’s when it was grabbed, and ripped, and that is why she was escorted out by the police”

    (Notice how the writer completely dismisses the fact that the White man
    walks over without provocation, snatches the poster and feels empowered enough to rip the Black woman’s property.) This is called marginalization.

    Then states, “that is why she was escorted out”… (Hahaha, no, Cultural Conditioning…Racial Profiling…Not taking the time to discover the facts.)

    Mrs. Maxine Johnson is an American citizen and entitled to all the rights allowed by the U.S. Constitution. That is, unless they conflict with the
    power of a White American…Then the Dred Scott Decision is in affect.


    1) She apologized and put the poster away as requested. She kept it put away UNTIL

    2) A reporter walked over to her and asked to take a look at what was on it.

    3) She unfolds it OUT OF SIGHT of everyone else onto a chair just in front of her. It was in no way disruptive to anything, and especially not to the speaker or the blue-shirted onlooker.

    4)BlueShirt walks up to them and snatched the poster off the chair and balls it up.

    5) I heard and saw ONLY white people cheering the action.

    If you saw something different, please point it out.

    These people in the town hall meetings directly mirror the protesters at the 1950’s school integrations. The sea of angry Anglo faces bear the same twisted, malevolent expressions as back then. The attacks upon Blacks (or any Obama defenders) and general ‘huzzah’ when it happens are exactly the same.

    The only differences I see are that the dissenting mobs were, back then, %100 Anglo. Today, they’re only %99.999 Anglo.

  4. After hearing from individuals that also attended this town hall meeting, it certainly looks like race did play a role. There where several individual with signs that were not removed (so that their sign riped from their hands infront of their child. Some of the other signs were very racial motivated and hate filled with remarks about the President. If one individual with a sign is surround by 5 to 6 secrity guards and individuals there for the town meeting, then everyone with a sign should have been treated just a rudely as this mother was.

    It’s to see such hate, but somethings never change.

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