Debbie Allen Tribute to Michael Jackson in 1983 (Video)


Debbie Allen is known all over the world as one bad mamma shut yo mouf!  When she came to national fame with her role as Lydia, the no nonsense dance instructor in the movie Fame, everyone had to stand and take notice.

Her talents include choreography, producer, director, actress, she does it all!  But, in 1983, when she and some of the cast members of the TV show Fame decided to pay tribute to Michael Jackson for the Thriller album, lets just say with as bad as Debbie Allen is known to be in the world of dance…only Michael can do Michael.  Have fun!  She was!  Enjoy:

3 thoughts on “Debbie Allen Tribute to Michael Jackson in 1983 (Video)”

  1. MJ is the king. Anytime i listen to his songs i feel like he is still alive. Certainly one of the most significant pop music celebrities ever been born!

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