Oh What Fun It Is To Auto-Tune Pat Buchannan (Video)


If you haven’t seen the work of brothers Michael and Andrew Gregory, now would be a good time to check them out.

Quite simply, they have a thing for R&B/rap, politicians and Sunday talk shows. And they’re back with their 7th edition of “Auto-Tune the News.”

First they took on Sean Hannity and (per usual) Katie Couric with a sultry song and gorilla costume, then they spiced up climate change speeches by GOPers, and now they’re using Arianna Huffington , Al Sharpton, Katie Couric and others to make various points and just plain have fun.

However, one of the highlights of #7 is how the brothers deal with Pat Buchanan for his oppressed-white-man routine:

This is very innovative and entertaining stuff: Watch it here:

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