Woman Puts A Hit on Husband Right After Vows (Video)


How do you go out and start shopping for hit men while shopping for wedding rings?  That’s a bit bizarre.  We can’t wait to see how this case evolves because there’s little information on motive at this time.  The Associated Press shows a whimpering Dalia Dippolito standing with police as they tell her that her husband’s been killed and won’t let her in the home.  But, it’s all staged!  She, unwittingly,  hired a police officer to kill her husband.  Can you imagine that?  Her husband is looking out the window watching her performance and all the policemen surrounding her are doing everything they can to keep from laughing or poppin’ a cap!  Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Woman Puts A Hit on Husband Right After Vows (Video)”

  1. Talk about being busted. Jeez, do they get any dumber? They are the dangerous ones!

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