‘Thuggin It and Lovin It’ Video Causes Scare (Video)



In Baton Rouge, La., there seems to be cause for concern over a video entitled, “Thuggin It and Lovin It,” being circulated that appears to take “thug life” and put it into a DVD for your personal enjoyment.   Millionaire Entertainment is the production company behind the video and they contend that the recording of black “boys” in the ‘hood firing automatic weapons, counting money and yelling with guns in their hands,  is actually giving some in the community an opportunity to be somebody.  They feel they are champions of the community for keeping them off the streets.

Warped thinking?  You don’t know the half.  When you see the video excerpts in the report you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that either they think we are stupid or their cheese has completely slid off their collective crackers.  Millionaire Entertainment tries to sell the investigating reporter, Chris Nakamoto,  this load of crap and he tries to simply listen to what they had to say with an undiscriminating ear in case one of them were prepared to shank him on the spot.

Look at this foolishness and call the Baton Rouge police if you see your cousin Ray Ray and ‘nem in this flick.  Let’s do our part to shut this stupidity down.  Check it out:

4 thoughts on “‘Thuggin It and Lovin It’ Video Causes Scare (Video)”

  1. Just ridiculous. This is what happens when you are uneducated.

    This is why we are still referred to as animals and jungle monkeys. This makes it hard for the young black men who are doing positive things for themselves and their communities.


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