Kindergarten Pole Dancers & Booty Poppers?! (Video)


This video, if you are a sensible person and/or parent, should immediately enrage and disgust you to no end.  According to Dime Wars, the site carrying the video, the children in the video are kindergartners.  The room appears to be completely bereft of any parental or adult supervision and a very young boy is videotaping with his own little camcorder or taking pics with HIS digital camera.  It appears to be a birthday party for very small children, so there’s no reason why adults shouldn’t be nearby.  Also, there’s at least one set of adult legs and feet in the video.

I don’t know about you, but I’m from the old school and the entire setting is more than inappropriate.  This scene screams child protective services shut us down.  The girls dancing in this video are obviously lacking parental guidance that will keep them out of harm’s way.  We watch documentaries on pedophiles on MSNBC, we’ve seen the show “To Catch A Predator”,  “America’s Most Wanted”, our local news and nothing seems to be conveying the message that our children are under attack.

There is absolutely no shortage of child predators and yet this footage is circulating the Internet.  Maybe, we shouldn’t blame parents for children’s actions…naaaah!!! YEAH WE SHOULD!  There is nothing about these girls that suggests that anyone is taking time with them and monitoring what they see or do.  Prepare to be disgusted:



110 thoughts on “Kindergarten Pole Dancers & Booty Poppers?! (Video)”

  1. there is nothing wrong with this when i was there age i was do that and still am i find nothing wrong with this gt mad all u want but to me this number my little cousins who is 2 dances like that

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  3. yeah they will be raped in a few years. I blame the parents. MOMMY ITS YOUR FAULT SOME MAN RAPED ME IN THE ASS WITH NO LUBE.

  4. Just awful!!!! Awful! THOSE PARENTS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES letting their children dance around like that at a kids’ birthday party and them putting the video on the internet. They need to have some respect and show what they can do with their brains and with some dignity and class.

  5. Damn shame….I’m betting MOST of these girls don’t have a father in the home, and that their mamas pushed them out on or before the age of 18. Ignorance at it’s worse. Where are the mothers and other adults? Sad to say, but those little girls are more likely to be our future strippers and ho’s, than our future teachers, doctors, lawyers, acccounts, business women.

  6. @Krissy – No disrespect to you sista but I could barely decipher your illiterate scribblings. Perhaps less reminiscing about doing raunchy dances when you were young, and more time honing your writing skills is in order, just saying…

  7. Im 10 and I dont even dance like those lil girls,I might shake my but a lil but how those lil girls dance that was so GROSS.If my parents ever saw me dance like that they would take everything out my room and punish me for 3 months.For that lil girl who went up to the wall and started freaken i want you tocome on here and type your ABC’s and do your addition and subtraction.Here for all mom’s watch how your daughter dances because it could lead to stripping,drugs,and your daughter could get raped witch leads to pregnecy at a very very young age.Now you see that there is bad parenting for All those children!!!!!!!!

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