Four Women Get Revenge on Unsuspecting Playboy

The women out there that have fell victim to a “two-timing dog,” will enjoy this story.  There are some women in Wisconsin who were tired of being pimped and decided to fight back.  The revenge started with them inviting THEIR man to a hotel room for a night of romance.  Of course, he was only contacted by one of the women, Therese Ziemann, 48, and believed that he was in for a night of sneaky freaky with  his married mistress.  But that’s only the beginning.  The night ended up with four women, Ziemann, Wendy Sewell, 43, Michelle Belliveau, 43, and the man’s wife,  in the room with him tied up and waiting for the night’s festivities.  But the night ended rather abruptly with playboy’s penis Krazy Glued to his stomach.  Ouch!  That might leave a mark.

The other women were text messaged once the one got in the room with him and they proceeded to rob him of his cell phone, wallet and car keys. The wife let the women know they were being played for their money.  According to the Associated Press report, Ziemann met the man on Craigslist fell in love and admitted to giving him $3,000.

But on the unfunny side of this matter, read here to see why these women may go to jail for six years.

3 thoughts on “Four Women Get Revenge on Unsuspecting Playboy”

  1. okay,that is too much. just leave him if it gets that serious. nothing especially no man is worth your freedom …

  2. Wasn’t this guy black? If I’m not mistaken, this story was on “Who The Bleep” or one of those other infidelity/crime programs. I’m gonna do a search online.

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