White Guy Loses Ground with Black Man while ‘Going Up’ (Video)


There’s a great little short film out there called “Going Up” that reminds all the racists out there to watch their mouths when in mixed company.  A white guy is on an elevator in an office building when he encounters a black man.  The black man gets on the elevator and immediately the white guy sizes him up from top to bottom.  But the meeting gets really interesting when a white girl is added to the equation.

This film should be shown at the diversity trainings that are usually prescribed for racist cops and other public servants.   Now that I think about it, it should’ve been shown at the White House during the so-called “Beer Summit”.  The film is meant to be entertaining.  But while the film offers a message, we would never suggest the turn the ending takes.  Then we might be labelled racist.  Check it out here.

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