Two Women Retire from McDonald’s with Nearly 50 Years Service


A McDonald’s in North Muskegon, Mi., will never be the same.  Two women, Marlene Wickerink and Janet Chapman, are preparing to retire from the restaurant with 20 and nearly 30 years between them.  According to the Associated Press, at this particular location, Wickerink, 72, joined in 1989 and Chapman, 65, joined in 1988, but worked in various locations since 1980.

The women both took the jobs after raising their children.  The ladies obviously enjoyed their jobs and Chapman who says she was once shy was quoted saying, “This place ‘brought me out.”  Wickerink agreed saying, “It brings out the better parts of yourself.”

President Obama needs to come up with some kind of medal for these ladies.  That’s blue collar excellence at its very best.  So, the next time you hear one of these ungrateful kids (or your own kids) not wanting to flip burgers or get fries, remember these ladies and show them this article.  Let them see this PSA for McDonald’s and tell them to suck it up and get a job…at McDonald’s.

Read more about these committed women here.

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