32 Story Condominum Building…1 Resident?


How would you like to live in a high rise complete with pool, marble floors, private cinema, clubhouse, and marina?  Well, what a New Jersey family thought would be a dream home for them in Florida, has turned into a nightmare.

The Vangelakos spent $430,000 for the condo that they thought they would retire to, but so far there is no one on watch at the building and no residents, except them.  There is no security lighting in most places and the amenities like the cinema, clubhouse and marina are nowhere to be found.  The company that owns the building also owns an adjacent building where there are actual tenants. 

The family admit it’s like living in a “scary movie” when they are in the condo. While they are not living in the condo full-time, the visits they’ve had met with suspicious activity in the building.  One night someone came and banged on their door at 11pm.  They called security in the other building and security found that the pool door was left open.

The family wants the company to buy them out , so they can cut their losses.  There’s several lawsuits against the developer to help the family and others that want out of the deal.  Read here  for details.

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