Fantasia and Kandi Show Off Stripper Moves

Kandi & Fantasia
Kandi & Fantasia

Fantasia! Fantasia! Fantasia!  You can’t go around strippin’ all willie nillie!  We just saw you in the Color Purple as Celie, now you’re letting your thong show?  It just taints the whole experience.  But, I still love you girl.

Now Kandi on the other hand … well, that’s neither here nor there.  No one knows her that well beyond Xscape and the newest Atlanta Housewives season.

But Fantasia, folks are going to be talkin’! Continue reading

Cigarette Manufacturers Are Fired Up Over New Law


The cigarette industry has smoke coming out of their ears with the latest smackdown put on them by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The manufacturers are upset because they feel the government has smacked a muzzle on the marketing of their product and have filed a lawsuit.

The few folks that can still afford to smoke won’t be able to see their brand through the FDA’s warnings.  Associated Press quoted the tobacco makers saying, it will make it “difficult, if not impossible, to see.” Continue reading

Venus and Serena Have A Dance-Off on Court

Venus & Serena Williams
Venus & Serena Williams

Don’t ask us where this footage came from because we do not know.

Dime Wars has dug up a video of the tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams working their groove thing on the dance floor … oops!  tennis court.

Go figure.  It appears that their agility in tennis is lost when it comes to dance.  Continue reading

World’s Oldest Dog Finally Calls It Quits at 147


One of New York’s finest has moved on.  Yes, unfortunately, Chanel has dug his last hole, peed on his last tree and hidden his last stick of butter in the couch.

The Guinness book of World Records didn’t have a section on longest living pooches, so hewas nominated by his owner and a certificate was awarded to the 21-year old Daschund in May.

Not only did Chanel receive a certificate from the folks at Guinness Book of World Records, but a lavish doggy party put on by Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on Rihanna, Alicia Keys, DJ UNK and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


My condolences go out to the family DJ AM.  Adam Michael Goldstein was found dead in his NYC apartment on Friday evening by the police and paramedics.  The cause of his death is still unknown but it has been speculated that it was an accidental drug overdose.  However, that has NOT been confirmed.  Rest in peace DJ AM.


In “couture” news, Rihanna graces the cover of the September issue of Italian Vogue.  I know that we are ALL tired of seeing Rihanna’s name errrywhere but we can’t help but admit that home girl is ROCKING the HELL out of that Valentino joint!  Go’on RiRi and do yo’ thug thizzle!  Nuff said… Continue reading

Rehab For Internet Addicts Only $14,500


Do you find yourself aimlessly surfing the Internet 24/7? Know what? You may be addicted. But if you are, the Heavensfield Retreat Center in Fall City, Washington is just the thing for you.

The recently opened center claims to be the first U.S. in-patient center to treat video game, texting, and of course, Internet addiction. Enrollment in the clinic’s 45-day Internet addiction recovery program, called reStart, costs roughly $14,500. reports the program is designed to wean patients off the Internet by combining traditional talk therapy with social skills training, such as lessons in conversation techniques and dating. Patients also feed goats, raise chickens and do home-maintenance work as a way of getting reoriented with the offline world.

The clinic’s first patient is a 19-year-old boy from Iowa who admitted to being hooked on the online game World of Warcraft. While it may seem like an extreme (not to mention pricey) way to get unplugged, Stuart Fischoff, a psychologist and Senior Editor at the Journal of Media Psychology, believes the rehab approach can be helpful.

“For patients in clinical settings, exposing them to friendly animals has had very positive effects,” said Fischoff, who is not affiliated with the new clinic. “The purpose here is to get the patient to experience gratification from something that doesn’t require an Internet connection. Continue reading

There’s Nothing To Fear … But Losing Your Job!

People speculated forever that worrying about a pending disaster was actually more dangerous to your health than the disaster itself. Perhaps you know that phrase by its more familiar wording: “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

According to yet another one of those nifty scientific reports it has been found that worrying about losing your job can cost you your health, a new investigation of data from two long-term studies finds. The effect is worse than actually losing your job, the research suggests.

“Based on how participants rated their own physical and mental health, we found that people who were persistently concerned about losing their jobs reported significantly worse overall health in both studies and were more depressed in one of the studies than those who had actually lost and regained their jobs recently,” said Sarah Burgard, a sociologist at the University of Michigan.”

In fact, chronic job insecurity was a stronger predictor of poor health than either smoking or hypertension in one of the groups we studied,” Burgard said. Continue reading

McCain Tries To Rain On CIA Document’s Parade


A recently released legal document regarding torture quotes U.S. Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war himself, may have made comments that were instrumental in helping to justify a six-day course of sleep deprivation, among other torture methods, for a CIA prisoner in November 2007. But John McCain claims he was woefully misunderstood by the Bush Administration.

The memo recounts McCain’s reaction this way:

“[S]everal Members of Congress, including the full memberships of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and Senator McCain, were briefed by General Michael Hayden, Director of the CIA, on the six techniques that we discuss herein,” writes Steven G. Bradbury, a deputy assistant attorney general in the July 20, 2007, memo, which cites a CIA summary of the discussions.

“In those classified and private conversations, none of the Members expressed the view that the CIA detention and interrogation program should be stopped, or that the techniques at issue were inappropriate.”

A spokeswoman for McCain said that contrary to those claims, the Arizona Republican repeatedly raised objections in private meetings, including one with Hayden, about the use of sleep deprivation as an interrogation technique. Continue reading