Woman Found Disembowled for Fetus


A young woman in Massachusetts was found in her closet wrapped in sheets and left for dead after someone cut her open for her unborn child.  The woman, Darlene Haynes, 23, had been left for days in her apartment this way.  Her landlord smelled a “horrifiying” odor coming from her apartment and followed the smell to Haynes body in the closet.  As soon as she found her she contacted authorities.

The young lady had previously reported to police a few incidents of abuse from her boyfriend, Roberto Rodriguez., and received a restraining order.  But, he claims that even so, he would never go this far.  He said, she had her problems, “but nobody deserves to go (through) what she went through.”   The couple has a 1-year old together that is safe with relatives.

Read more of the details here.

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