Jay-Z Tries for High Road with Game

It appears that Jay-Z and the Game are not putting differences aside to go on with their successful rap lives.  No, the Game is constantly coming after him.  He has performed and has tried to get the crowd to chant things against Jay-Z.  But, while Jay-Z is giving the Game time to think about his latest “marketing” ploy.

Jay-Z, while not firing back at the Game, doesn’t want his kindness to be mistaken for weakness because he could go at him in a heartbeat.  But, he knows this is not a legitimate beef like the one he had with Nas and figures that the Game is just trying to put his name back in the mainstream again . 

Jay-Z also said that the beef  between him and Nas was handled appropriately because they were both able to further their careers and come together and make music which equals more money, more  money, more money.    Check out his interview with Big Boy:

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