Black Female Cambridge Cop Vows Not To Vote For Obama Again (Video)

CNN’s Don Lemon recently interviewed Cambridge, Mass. cops that were standing in support of officer James Crowley on a “hush” order.  It’s woth noting that somehow the black cops got elected to speak on his behalf.

Everyone around him spoke up for him in pure cop camaraderie and a black male cop explained that the incident with Henry Louis Gates “was not a racially motivated situation.”  It’s not clear if the black cop was on the scene at the Gates incident with Crowley.

Also defending Crowley was a female cop named Kelly King.  We’re tempted to say she may or may not be “black.” So, let’s just say she’s a woman of “color.”  She also completely defends “Jimmy” and she said that Obama should’ve just waited and said he did not “know all the facts.”

At any rate, she went on to say, she would never vote for President Obama again.  Somehow we find it hard to believe she and Sarah Palin, other than being females, will be on that same page in 2012.

Meantime, we’re sure Obama’s shaking in his boots at the thought of losing Kelly’s vote. Not!

Check it out:

5 thoughts on “Black Female Cambridge Cop Vows Not To Vote For Obama Again (Video)”

  1. I was OK until the lil hug and kiss at the end. WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT’S ABOUT!

  2. we all know that cops, typically will hold up the value of the “collegues” word against anybodys. they are no longer black or their ethnicity, they are BLUE. And when you’re blue you up hold “white” law. Just like the mafia, the police will keep their comraderie and maintain their innocence, even if they beating the hell out of you in front of cameras. This woman of “color” certainly only makes herself seem like a pawn, in a game that continues to run ppl like her over. the self loathing blacks I have yet to understand, they support white supremacy more than their counterparts.

  3. I agree, Pres Obama should have recused himself as this here Kelly King should do as well. We have 3 levels of goverment and this was not at his level. It has not even been before a judge.. He weighed in too early. Do not get me wrong, I adore our president and have been impressed by the way he handles himself, but he could have weighed in much later or offered a “no comment” . He sees what his Chicago Pastor friend did for him.. You cannot fight everyone’s battles.

  4. As for the “officers”, I think there is something going on there.. which is cool things happen and she knows her friend, but do not be mad at Pres Obama for defending is friend like Kelly King is obviously defending her “friend” …

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