Are We Seeing World Politics In Hip Hop?


A professor from George Washington University recently wrote a column on foreign policy for National Public Radio.  But the interesting thing about the article is that it is a breakdown of how the hierarchical relationships are built in the world … of Hip-Hop.

The article is also interesting in how the author, Marc Lynch, uses current events and countries to explain the beef between Jay-Z and the Game and infusing the politics between the U.S. and the rest of the world.  He says that right now, Jay-Z is the U.S.  He has all the power, but if others start to pick at him, like the Game  who represents N. Korea and/or Iran, they could gain some leverage:

“”Do you ignore these provocations? But then they might spread — then people might think that you’re weak. Do you hit down really hard? You could maybe destroy The Game, but you’re going to be exhausted in the process.”

Lynch goes on to say that with the recent hit by Jay-Z, “Death of the Auto-Tune (D.O.A.)” he’s left himself open to the smaller countries to go at him and try to do damage to his position.  Although the scenario the writer is explaining is elementary, he does make valid points and his use of foreign policy to break down the rap game is profound in its precision.  While the concept he’s using could explain most groups that involve hierarchical relationships.

He should teach foreign policy in 5th grade.  This would be a great way of getting the youngsters to understand our foreign policy and the politics of Hip Hop at the same time.  Read or listen to the dialogue about the article he wrote here. And read the actual article here.

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