Shaq Turned Away By White House


Maybe Shaquille O’ Neal saw some of his homies at the White House and thought that he should stroll on by and lay a pound or two on the new President.  He hadn’t been invited though, so the question was on his mind if he could really get in without the invite.  Besides, he was in D.C. and he had a few minutes before he hosted WWE Raw at the Verizon Center … why not?  Right?

He even gets on the radio and tells President Obama he’s on his way (purely out of experimental purposes) and according to Yahoo! Sports’ J.E. Skeets, the big guy had nothing to report on Twitter but the fact that he got a big thumbs down.  No go.  Kick rocks.  Be gone.

Needless to say, he probably wasn’t shaken up by his experiment.  He’s always saying how politically and law enforcement connected he is.  He knew how this would go.  Read the full version of the story and see his Tweet here.

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