Racism is at ‘The Root’ With Gates


The remarks of racism being dead or that racism is dying in this country is about as true as a pink dragon sitting on the roof top of the White House.

When a situation like the one between Henry Louis Gates and police office Crowley occurs, various blogs like ours and others want to discuss it in a manner that just brings about the edification of a people.

But, no, the evidence of racism IMMEDIATELY bowed its ugly head to America and it has shown up all over the country in comments to sites and papers.  The kind of racist remarks that are vile and volatile have shown up all over the Internet and landed smack dab at  The Root.

The Root is an online blog that has some of the most engaging topics and information on current events as well as politics and is run by Henry Louis Gates.  Well, some of the comments regarding the incident that were left on the site were despicable and hateful.  With one  commenter using the moniker “Jame Earl Ray” (the accused murderer of MLK Jr.)  How disgusting is that?  And with the incident garnering “thousands” of comments it would be difficult to go through trying to kill the language of these idiots.  But, this being the land of free speech and The Root being owned by The Washington Post allows for the comments to get over the top at times.

The whole dance for apologies between this cop and Skip Gates is getting to be a real circus.  The cards need to be set on the table and left there for the next move.  All of this roundabout that the incident had nothing to do with race is bull!

The President almost went there, but just before he could get to it his mind redirected him to the cop (Crowley) reacting “stupidly.”  Now what he wanted to say is, “Let’s take Skip Gates out of the scenario and just say it’s a black man and a white man having a dispute, with the white man having both the social and dutiful government over the situation.  When tempers flare, nine times out of 10, we’re looking at a racial dynamic playing itself out whether it was intended or not.  The social structure of America demands it.”  Simple and plain as that.

Read the full story by the New York Times here.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Racism is at ‘The Root’ With Gates”

  1. Great follow up J.C. Everyone was so focused on the “stupidly” comment, that they missed the whole point of the President’s message. However, I did not like the way he’s now “apologizing” for the comment with this whole “beer invitation”. I do understand that he has play the game from time to time. But hell…this guy is arrogant and doesn’t want to even admit the fact that HE entered race into the equation. (listen the 911 tapes, where the woman who made the initial call only mentions race after being prompted).

    “WE” all know that racism still exist and unfortunately here to stay.

  2. I’m sorry.. I was typing so fast.

    The ‘GUY’ I was referring to is the arresting Cambridge police officer. NOT President Obama. Sorry for the confusion.

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