Superhead Is Blowing Chance With New Book (Video)


Here we are again with Ms. Superhead.  I refuse to use her “married” name today because she has proven that she has not evolved past the moniker chosen for her.

She is presently on the scene to publicize her new book, “The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep the Man You Want,” yet she can’t stop being testy or catty [you may find another word to place here] about her past long enough to pump her book. 

She was on the Today show, which we showed here July 14, and even with her ability to get her book on such a reputable program as the Today show, she couldn’t calm down.  She makes the hosts of every show get nuts with her because she is so out of control and all over them whenever there’s any mention of her first book“Confessions of a Video Vixen.”

She recently appeared on Rod Ryan’s show in Texas and on  local tv shows and in all of the appearances I’ve seen so far, she seems like an ideal patient that could benefit from a little “me” time on the couch rather than the knee time she’s been putting in elsewhere.  It appears that her past is something that she is trying to elude and has not completely embraced.  She has to claim that which brought her to fame.

She came into her celebrity with a career in sex and tried to add some Hip Hop music videos to it and wrote her first book “Confessions of a Video Vixen” which is a tell-all naming names of celebrities throughout the entertainment industry.  But, no one knows her by her “gubment” name.  Superhead will ring some bells for a lot of people though, especially men.  But, she is apparently embarrassed now and is put off by any mere inquiry into the first book.  Check out her latest sabotage of her own promotion:

Radio show interview with Rod Ryan in Texas that went awry.

Local Sacramento TV show interview that also ended abruptly:

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  1. Superhead is a dramatic, self absorbed Tyra wannabe. Take your title as the Supreme of Fellatio & live with it. You chose to expose your own life & sexual escapades with these prominent men & you just can’t take the heat. Girl please.

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