Palin Has Resigned … Do We Care? (Video)

Sarah Palin has officially left the building!

She will probably be out hunting and having her annual fish fry while swimming in the creek with her grandson very soon.

Watch below while her two supporters that showed up for her exit rally try to yell over the booos.

Why did she take it upon herself to have this sendoff?  Maybe because no one else would give it.  Check her out … BYE SARAH!

One thought on “Palin Has Resigned … Do We Care? (Video)”

  1. No, I dont give a *&^%%$ about Palin but some other ppl do. Its scarry to think of the engine that will be supporting her in her future endeavors. We need to be ready and not be blindsided….because afterall this is the USA…and some folk will do any and everything to remove OBAMA and other things that benefit minorities.

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