555-LB Child Loses Mom To Neglect Charges (Video)

Jerri Gray (mother) and Alexander Draper (over weight son)
Jerri Gray (mother) and Alexander Draper (over weight son)
Everyone wants to know why this 14-year old’s mother didn’t stop feeding him a long time ago and get more nutritious things in his system.  Now they’re saying that he’s getting ready to face detrimental health concerns because of  his size.

Officials apprehended him and his mom  in Baltimore County for running from the law in South Carolina.  She was supposed to appear in court  with her son and failed to show up, so they issued a warrant for her arrest.

But the story is really about the parents of the U.S. blowing their children up at alarming rates and not making sure they have the proper nutrition and exercise  needed to avoid such situations.  His mother was probably trying to fight the bulge and help her son to be happy or is that excuse getting lame and now we have to step up our game through our laws.

Michelle Obama is already on a crusade to bring healthier families to the table and through her initiatives, we will all be healthier for it.  The candy and cookies of yester-year are a long gone treat until children start coming in when the street lights come on.

Read the full version of what happened here.

Check out this video report:

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