Who Is MJ’s Mystery Child?

Is this guy Michael's secret son?
Is this guy Michael's secret son?

A grown man now, Michael Jackson’s supposedly, might be, other son was sitting with the family at the memorial service, but no one knew.

According to New York Daily News, Omer Bhatti was brought down to the front to sit with the family during the services.

His mother is said to be a Norweigan woman Mike had a one night stand with.  He wasn’t that type of guy … was he?   Hmm, what do we reallllllly know about MJ?  He had a Billie Jean out there for real?  The family is seeking a paternity test for the boy and Jermaine has already said they will welcome him with open arms if he’s indeed his brother’s child.

What do you think?  I think that the only features this boy has of Michael’s came AFTER his plastic surgery.  So unless you can have plastic surgery and the child come out looking like your plastic surgery self … they may as well consider him a friend of the family right now.

Read the details of the story HERE.

Also watch this video report for even more info about Omer Bhatti:

7 thoughts on “Who Is MJ’s Mystery Child?”

  1. well, personally…..jermaine needs to go and take care of his own squad of children, and let the others welcome this young man if in fact he is MJ’s.

  2. “jermaine needs to go and take care of his own squad of children”

    LOL: Amen!!

  3. Truly. Considering the breathtaking resemblance between the kid and MJ i make bold to believe he is his son. I dont see how a surgery would change the sperm cells of a man so as to give birth to kids with no trace of his origin ‘black’ whatsoever..
    The paternity of the lad should be confirmed and the results of the DNA made known to the world.

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