“Naked Cowboy” Throws Hat In for Mayor of NYC


The man known–possibly around the world–as the “Naked Cowboy”  has become a tourist attraction for the city of New York.  For years, he’s stood in Times Square with his guitar, hat and briefs on collecting sometimes $1000 per day between the hours of 11am and 2pm, according to the Associated Press.

But now, he’s not interested in just standing amongst the people taking pictures and playing his guitar.  No, now he wants to be a man OF the people and has submitted his run for Mayor of the city.  What could it hurt right?  They’ve gotten through Koch, Giuliani and Bloomberg, which the Cowboy thought was an “excellent choice”.

And while we might be laughing about his submission for Mayor, we could see him win the election because of his social status.  Everyone knows who he is, he’s an ordained minister, he has a political science degree from the University of Cincinnati, and he feels that buying clothes would be senseless overspending  that would do nothing but take money from the city’s budget that could be better used someplace else in the city’s budget.  Well, maybe his cheese did slide off the cracker, but hey!  he threw his hat in there.  Maybe, Al Sharpton will do the same.

For the full story read here.

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