LeBron Being Dunked On Video Surfaces


It appears that LeBron let go of his insecurities over being dunked on and has allowed the video to be released online … or someone got it and ran to the nearest computer to upload the footage before he was aware.

But, it’s funny…if you blink while watching the game, you might just miss it, so they made sure there was a shot of it in super slow motion.  Enjoy!

Can’t win ’em all LeBron!  It’s all in good fun.  I’m sure he practices good sportsmanship.  Check it out:

One thought on “LeBron Being Dunked On Video Surfaces”

  1. OMG! Was that it? The hype was better than the actual dunk. I don’t know why the tape was withheld in the first place. This does not even compare to the monster dunks in Lebron’s repertoire. Show me a different angle, a close-up, or something!? Other than that, still on the King James bandwagon. Go Cavs!

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