Baby Dies from Multiple Rat Bites


Yes, I said “rat bites” to a three-month old baby in Louisiana has possibly led to the baby’s demise.  She was supposedly fine in her crib after she had been fed a few hours earlier.

The conditions the baby’s parents were living in must’ve been less than deplorable.  The father was immediately overcome with grief as neighbors reported him on the front lawn sobbing and saying that his baby was dead, according to Fox News.

The child had over 100 bites on her, but the judgement of what may have led to her demise has not been released.  There is also an Ohio incident of the same type, but the baby has lost all her toes on the left foot because of so many rodent bites.  The report states that the family lived in a “cluttered mobile home.”

Criminal charges haven’t  been served in either case at this time.  Read here, if you can, for more details on the cases.

3 thoughts on “Baby Dies from Multiple Rat Bites”

  1. I think it’s funny how the main topic of this is making the rats sound like the bad guys here. How about these “parents” who have their children in such conditions that are unsuitable for even an adult to live in?

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