Dragging Death Transports Texas Town to the 50s (Video)


In June, we reported  that the town of Paris, TX was the site of yet another dragging death of a black man back in September of 2008.  The victim, Brandon McClelland, was with two of his white “friends” the night he came up missing.

Yes, they were in a pick-up truck.  The two men, Shannon Finley and Charles Crostley, were released after serving eight months in jail when a judge  ruled that there was not enough evidence to continue to hold them.

But now the city has erupted in protests over the handling of the case.  Cops were summoned to the area in riot gear for the charged atmosphere that included members of the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party.  Shouts of “Black Power!” and protest signs that read,  “Friends don’t drag friends under pickup trucks!” and “Who killed Brandon McClelland?”  White supremacists showed up and there was yelling on both sides.  The police kept them separated, and there were no arrests or altercations, but a city that claims they all get along is now divided.

What is going on in America exactly?  We have the children in Philly who have little to no clue about the civil rights era have the civil rights era thrust in their laps and now this.  Obama is President!  I repeat!  President Obama has landed in the White House!  Get over it racists!

Check out the story of Brandon McClelland here.

Watch a video report here:

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