Vibe Missed Opportunity to Keep Doors Open?


Vibe was supposed to be the Hip-Hop magazine to keep the record straight and raw, but somehow ended up inadvertently watered down by an industry that has, as Jay-Z so eloquently put it, “started T-Painin’ too much” and relying heavily on the auto tune.

Quincy Jones, from what we last reported, is considering taking the magazine back and going completely online with his enterprise.  But that may be a day late and a dollar short for the offer that, according to Richard Prince’s  report, was given by to help the magazine out.

While Mediatakeout is a tabloidish entertainment based website, they  according to Richard Prince, had their helping hand slapped.’s founder and co-owner Fred Mwangaguhunga was quoted saying, “We met with a senior member of Vibe’s team last fall and this spring we reached out to senior members over at Ebony.” And apparently, neither of them were interested.

Fred (sorry, but I can’t type that name again) is obviously in denial over the image of blending with the reputable image of an American classic such as Ebony and Hip-Hop’s groundbreaking magazine such as Vibe in a “shared revenue” deal.  That contrast is noticeable from a mile away.

Read here to see the full jedi mind trick Fred tried to get over on Vibe and Ebony.

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