Starbucks Hoodwinks Customers With New Name


Starbucks is in some sort of experimental phase with some of its stores.  They are trying out new names, but still offering their same fair plus….beer and wine.  Now as lethal and addictive as the coffee seems to be, do you honestly believe that they won’t have success adding these items to the list?  Especially, if these are Starbucks wine and beer.  What if they were just as addictive as the coffee?  Then we might have a governmental situation on our hands.

There were some Starbuck “agents” that came out in FBI form to sit in other coffee houses to take notes and survey the competition, one average Joe house reported to the Seattle Times.  They were trying to get a feel for what their store should be like or not be like.  One name they are trying out that you will read about in the report is 15th Avenue Coffee and Teas and that is located in Seattle.

Read about the change over here.

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