ABC Releases Photos of MJ’s Punctured and Infected Legs


What is going on in the media?  The Jackson family must be devastated over the pictures that have been released to the public showing a visible drug problem from puncture wounds and some sort of “necrosis” (as reported by ABC) on his leg as a result of a leaky puncture.

The shocking photos show other things as well.  Long ago, the superstar revealed publicly his battle with vitiligo and these pictures may prove his claims that the public refused to believe for so long. The claim was always that he felt an affinity toward whites that led him down the road of bleaching his skin  to be more attractive … accepted.

The photos speak for themselves and our prayers go out to the Jackson family as the media tortures them with his personal life.  This must be absolutely devastating and horrific for them to see him this way after his death.  They are having a field day…respect be damned.

Obviously, the photos are not pretty, to say the least. Here they are:

Michael's legs show wounds and punctures
Michael's legs show wounds and punctures
A close-up photo of the nasty, hideous black hole in his right leg and his white skin
A close-up photo of the nasty, hideous black hole in his right leg and his white skin

11 thoughts on “ABC Releases Photos of MJ’s Punctured and Infected Legs”

  1. who do you all think believe this garbage tht this is Michael Jackson’s legs? I sure as hell do not for one minute believe it. For one thing I never beleved that Michael had vertiligo but if he bleached his skin so what that is his perrogative. Just because his skin looks like it looks does not validate that he did have vertiligo only to me that he was goig through a process of bleaching his skin but again tht is his business if he did.

  2. I think showing these pictures 2 the public is disrespectful 2
    the family. Michael is dead U can’t hurt him no more!! But his
    family is still here 2 C different things coming out on Michael
    must B devesating 2 them. Again My condolence 2 the Jackson Family!!!
    Rest In Peace Micheal!!! They((((they can’t hurt U no more))))

  3. WTF the man is dead cant we remember him for all the good he has done and all the good things about him. If he was Joe Blow no one would be talking about him. Give him a break, Im so sick of all these stories, everyone has problems and he was not any different that me and you. He was just in the public eye where we are not. He was an awesome preformer and very talented artist. Lets remember him for that shall we.

  4. Dear Lynnete, Michael Jackson was human and could be sick as anyone else. The sad thing is that some people keep thinking he was immortal and naturally immunize just because he was so special and so much loved. May his soul rest in the peace of God’s presence.

  5. I really liked your freakkin sweet blog! The info you provide is nice ! I think im gonna stick around and read about 8 of your posts. With all best wishes

  6. Foqet you Lynette…are you serious….
    Dont you ever speak of him like that…thats not nothinq you do..espeacially about a dead person…i bet you would nearly kill someone if they were to talk about your dead folk so why would you talk about someone else’s…that’s not what you do it’s just wronq and hurtful…and he did have that disease and those are his leqs…idiot…im sorry but now im mad…

  7. Amen Alexis! Jeez leave the poor man alone he is amazing and there is nothing he did to hurt u gosh DO U STUPID RESEARCH BEFORE U TALK SHIT

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