17-Year Old Starbucks Bomber Rats Himself Out


A 17-year old young man in New York, for whatever reason, thought he’d play a prank on Starbucks because he had been watching “Fight Club” (which he was like seven years old when it was in theatres) and thought it was a good idea to assume the role of Brad Pitt.  He was totally enamored with the flick, obviously.  Somewhere in the movie a Starbucks gets destroyed and I guess that seemed like a good idea.  How authorities ascertained that information is not clear.

Now, the funny part…this happened nearly two months ago and we are not sure if he Twittered, Facebooked, or God forbid, told someone face to face, but he bragged about the bombing and somehow it became public knowledge, thus he has been apprehended…July 14.  Now, my question to you is…is he a terrorist? And if it took this long to find him are we safe?  Another thing, have you heard this story run day and night when it happened?  Me neither.

Read the full story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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