Michael Jackson Biography Is On Shelves: ‘He’s Gay’


Biographer Ian Halperin, has completed his biography on Michael Jackson, “Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson” and the controversy has already begun.  Halperin has a couple things that may raise the hair on the back of your neck.  The first thing would be that Michael is gay and he can unequivocally prove it and he has pictures of Michael in women’s clothes.

Halperin goes on to try and redeem himself during the interview with saying he was also as sure about him NOT being a child molester.  The idea of the book, he admits, was to “nail” Michael, but in the process of writing the book, he found that he was quite a great person and all of those ideas went out the window.   They also talked about how Halperin predicted, in December 2008, that Michael would die within six months.

Read the Q & A Halperin did here.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Biography Is On Shelves: ‘He’s Gay’”

  1. WTF??? Yeah ryt. Keep making rumours. My michael jackson wud never be allowed 2 live in his own way

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