Chris Tucker’s Baby Mama Says MJ’s Accusers Should Come Clean


Michael Jackson was accused of molesting a little boy that had cancer back in 2003 and a jury found Jackson innocent of the charges.

But now, Chris Tucker’s baby mama, Azja Pryor said that the verdict was not enough.

She was staying at the Neverland Ranch at the time the young woman said there was no indication that anything was amiss, reports Access Hollywood.

The syndicated entertainment news TV show also reported that Pryor, who was a witness in the 2005 trial,  said she never for one minute thought that the children were in any way apprehensive of being around MJ because when he wasn’t there, they pleaded to sleep in his room.  And I agree with her, why would a kid being molested want to be in his bedroom whether he was there or not?

She is seeking justice and a retraction of all the dirty things the family said against Michael Jackson.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  Read here and see why Ms. Pryor is such a credible witness.  Let’s join her crusade!

-J.C. Brooks

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