ABC Asks How MJ’s Children Will Fair In Their Black Family


The media really isn’t letting up on Michael’s children.  It is so unfortunate that a media giant as big as ABC would stoop so low as a headline that reads, “How Will Michael Jackson’s ‘White’ Kids Get Along in a Black Family?”  How insulting is that?  They are the King of Pop’s children.  Where on this planet will they find someone who will even give a second glance because they are out with their grandmother or Aunt Janet?  Can anyone FIRST say when you will be privy to bumping into them?  And their welfare?  Are you serious?  We all know, at least financially, they will want for nothing.

Maybe in an average situation we might see a white child with black parents and think, “Hmmmm…that’s different.”  But, never would their welfare come up in our mind as an issue because the child is white and the parents are black.  Some might believe that the children would get excellent care because of identity issues that may have caused this situation from the beginning.  But white children are not “at risk” youth making up the predominant numbers in the adoption system.

And while ABC is worrying about how white kids get along in a black family, they need to take a thorough look at the rabid DOG that was just leashed at Duke University.  Remember the story we wrote July 1, on this homosexual white male and his partner that adopted a black baby boy and the one was molesting him and having sex with the infant and now that the child was five years old he started selling him on the Internet for sex.

What they should be writing is “Black Children That Need to be Adopted: Are they Prey or Family?”  Shame on you ABC for even begging the question.  Obviously, you’re not abreast of the situations that black children endure in the adoption system with whites.  Let’s get a rap on that!  In the meantime, read the bull they want to talk about instead.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “ABC Asks How MJ’s Children Will Fair In Their Black Family”

  1. I am a black mother of a white-skinned black child, she is mixed. she looks at first glance like a white child, well probably at second glance too, but she is not. She is bi-racial, she is just at black as she is white regardless of what she looks like on the outside and I would venture to guess these children are too. The children don’t need the worlds ridiculous biases towards people in general. The “black family” they are with loves them and sees them as their children, not their “white” or tan or whatever children just their children. ABC if you have questions instead of making up problems ask the children themselves. Children aren’t born worried about “Whose Black or White” they learn that from the media, the children should be left alone. We can pray for their well being and safety from ignorant people trying to create problems where there are none.
    (And for the record my child’s father and I are married and have been all her life)

  2. J.C.

    Although Black children are overrepresented in the foster care system, they only make up a less than a third of all children in the foster care system. Nearly half of all foster care children are Caucasian.

  3. Michael Jackson is undoubtedly the king. Anytime i listen his songs i feel like he is still alive. Definitely one of the biggest music superstars ever!

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