President Obama Accused of Booty Watching at G8 Summit (Video)


In case you haven’t heard, President Obama was busy taking care of business last week at the G8 Summit in Italy and he’s catching hell over a picture (above) being distributed by Fox News and other outlets.

But, the real story is in video, not the still photo.  It appears that we have been “punk’d” … at least those who believed they were seeing the President staring at some arbitrary girl’s butt.

Plus, why would he look at that can when he’s already got that plus beauty and brains in First Lady Michelle? But who could blame him if he did sneak a quick peek. That’s what men do, even gentlemen. Nothing like a little variety erry now and then.

Now, on the other hand, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy seems to be going out of his way to check out the ba-donk-a-donk on home girl. Check it out:

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