The Press Tries to “Uncover” MJ’s Children


There is an article in the  New York Post that attempts to take the “veils” off of Michael Jackson’s children by using interviews from “friends of the family.”

The NY Post and all those willing to be affiliated with this story should be ashamed of themselves for, essentially, attacking Michael Jackson’s kids and making an attempt to care about the well-being of the children.

The story is entitled, “Lifting the Veil On Jacko’s Kids:  Inside Their Strange & Amazing Fantasy Lives At Neverland”.

The children are OFF LIMITS Post!  It’s despicable to talk about them this way because these so-called friends of the family are questionable to say the least.  To “tabloid” these children and their Dad isn’t even cold in the ground is even low for the Post’s standards.  We’re supposed to be boycotting them anyway!  They are using information in this story like:

“Another nanny said the air quality in Prince Michael’s room was measured hourly, all utensils were thrown away after every use, and toys were tossed each night to be replaced the next day.”

They are delving into their private life to expose Michael Jackson.  They could care less about them. They are trying to expose the children’s lives with him and raise the question as to how they will adapt without him.  Also, if the standard of life will be maintained and if they’re going to be “wacko” like him.

Read the expose for yourself and DO NOT BUY THE NEW YORK POST!

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