21st Century Grave Robbers Sell Plots


There are really no words to explain what has been done to the people that were buried at  “one of Chicago’s oldest predominantly African-American cemeteries and is home to a number of historic figures” including Emmett Till, reports the AFP.  The jackass manager and three grave diggers put together a plan to excavate 300 grave sites and sell the space for plots, but someone caught on.

The remains and head stones were scattered.   Some bodies were found in the ground and covered with dirt and yet another body thrown on top for space.  Then they’d resale the spot at a discounted rate.  How incredibly soul-less does a person have to be to do this?  Could you imagine going to see your mother or father and the tombstone missing and an empty hole where they’re supposed to be?  He’s almost as bad as Ray Brent Marsh, the 28-year old man in Georgia who dumped bodies behind his crematory with a broken cremation chamber and collected the money. 

Why can’t they bring back corporal punishment and start chopping off arms, fingers, public hangings, or waterboarding?  The families should be allowed to come and punish the criminals ANY WAY they see fit.

Read here to see the full story on these animals.

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