LeBron James Gets Dunked On But You Won’t See It


LeBron James was just chillin’ and decided to grab him a quick pick-up game with the homies, but it didn’t quite go the way he expected.

They’re running and they’re playing, and then BAM!!! no one seemed to know what happened, except that LeBron got dunked on by an Xavier  sophomore in college!

The student,  Jordan Crawford, played him at the LeBron James Skills Academy and Nike was there as well as CBS sports.

I know, I know.  Where’s the video, right?  Well, LeBron said “Not gonna happen!” and snatched up any remnants of the magic shot being caught on tape.  The NIKE folks that were filming, must’ve stopped at LeBron’s request and picked up the tapes.  According to onlookers from CBS, he whispered a couple sweet nothings in the cameraman’s ear and all vanished.

What’s wrong LeBron?  You da man out on the courts!  What’s a little dunk between friends?  You dunk on folks ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TIME!!!  Read the details of the case here.

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  1. Tiger should quit trying to apologize & embrace his swinging & promiscuous lifestyle, just Like Hugh Hefner did. He could reinvent the sport & take into a completely new direction. Perhaps he could also start wearing clothes like the rappers that glorify such behavior in their music

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